The Italian Wine Guide
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About us

The Vinum Index project is based in an idea of Stefano Francavilla and Rinaldo Nani.

The team

Rinaldo Nani (a wine enthusiast) designed and monitored the progress of the technical part of Vinum Index.
Stefano Francavilla (a sommelier) selected the wines, organised the database and is the author of the descriptions.
Gabriele Sala (an Italian wine expert)revised and double checked the wines selected for inclusion in the guide.
Davide Gessati (a teetotaller) ran the back office and helped organise the Vinum Index database.
Carmelo Fischetti (an Italian winemaking enthusiast) developed the software tools for the analysis of the Vinum Index panel parameters..
The project became a reality through the efforts of the editorial team. With special thanks to Mara Covino, Valentina Genovese, Carola Signori, Ilenia Stocchetti and Valeria Venturin. .

Vinum Index srl

The Vinum Index is produced by Vinum Index srl, an Italian company based at Via Belfiore 9, 20145 Milan.

Contacts us

You can contact the Vinum Index team by email at: