The guide to the finest Italian sparkling wines
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    Best Bollecine's Wines

    "Best Bollicine" is the guide to the finest Italian sparkling wines, an area of production in which Italy has been an undisputed leader for a number of years.
    Overall, the wines described in the guide represent the richness of Italian production, the result of the finest tradition of the application of the Classic and Charmat/Martinotti Methods to sparkling winemaking, which has given rise to a unique and varied heritage, reflecting the many faces of the Italian terroir.
    Vinum Index has selected the very finest of the huge number of sparkling wines made in Italy and exported all over the world. Among these, we highlight the products which have achieved consistent levels of quality in the course of time, and whose mean grading in the current year is equal to or greater than 90/100 for the Classic Method and 88/100 for the Charmat/Martinotti Method, by means of the bottle symbol and tasting notes.
    The TOP symbol is used to indicate the wines which are an absolute reference point within the international winemaking scene, in terms of history and quality.
    The guide can be consulted in full without the need for a wireless or mobile internet connection, as all the information is incorporated within the application, the images of the bottles included.