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Vinum Index FREE - a Guide to the Wines of Tuscany

Vinum Index FREE is the guide to the finest Tuscan wines and their producers, in free version.
The Guide to the Wines of Tuscany is the free version of the complete Vinum Index guide, which describes the winemaking scene in every Italian region. All the wines are assessed on the basis of the mean ratings expressed by the main Italian and international reference guides, as follows:
- mean rating for the last 2 years (easily acquired)
- mean rating for the last 10 years

Browse among the bottles on the virtual shelf

The Wines section (first button on the black bar) presents the Vinum Index wines. Browse among the bottles using the grey arrows, or by moving your finger on the screen. The numbers next to the arrows specify the number of wines to be found in the corresponding direction.
You can scroll through all the wines in "list" mode, and change the mode with the button in the upper left hand corner.

Zoom into the bottles: no internet access required!

Press on the icon with the magnifying glass symbol to see the enlarged image of the bottle. All the images are incorporated in the application, which means that you don't need an internet connection to use the guide.

Dual grading for each bottle

All the bottles are graded on the basis of the AVERAGE marks awarded in the main Italian and international reference guides. The two marks are calculated as follows:
- Average grading for the last 2 years (wines which are easy to find and buy).
- Average grading for the last 10 years.

The best vintages

Nearly all the wines in the guide are accompanied by a list of memorable vintages.
You can go to the list of the best vintages from the entry for each wine, or by clicking on the icon inside the circle.

Filter the wine database

You can filter the wines on the virtual shelf by going to the SELECT section using the funnel icon (upper right). The selection options include:
- keyword,
- type of wine,
- name,
- price range,
- grape variety.
To remove the filter currently selected, press on the funnel icon with the red X in the upper right hand corner of the SELECT section.

All the details on the wines and their producers

You can go to all the details for each wine or each producer included in the guide (by pressing on the bottle image, for example). Each label in the guide is accompanied by a textual explanation.
The PRODUCERS section presents all the information on the producers included in the guide, along with the Vinum Index wines for each producer.

Search for wines and producers

Use the SEARCH section to find the wines and producers by means of a search key.

Top wines, "other wines of excellence"

The top wines, as marked by the icon, , are the absolute benchmark products in international winemaking in historic and quality terms, irrespective of their price/quality ratio and availability.

A world of wine: wine glossary

The glossary tab shows a very useful wine-wolrd dictionary, containing all the key words that are found in the guide.
This section contains useful information on the production techniques used in Italy, the different types of wine and the tasting methods used by professionals.

The INFO section (glasses included)

The INFO section contains a number of interesting documents (these can be expanded using the iPhone "pinch to zoom" method). The first of these contains a brief description of the Vinum Index project, the second is the legend of symbols used in the guide, and the third is a poster showing the most suitable shapes of glass for the various types of wine.